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San Francisco anti-Israel activism

An unvarnished opinion of the SFPD's miserable failure to prevent violence at last Tuesday's anti-Israel riot in front of the consulate on Montgomery Street in San Francisco, at which the Palestinians and their supporters attacked Jews, can be found here:

Quote: "I personally witnessed Dick Becker, along with a small mob of assholes, stop a brother of mine from attempting to make his way back to our crowd. Becker got in his face, and as usual, the cops were slow to respond. In the end, my friend was cited for battery, EVEN THOUGH he wasn't the one who got physical - that was Dick "small dick" Becker."

I will not comment on the allegation that Richard Becker is small. He may very well be tiny, not that there's anything wrong with that. It's a matter of judgement - five foot six is normal in some parts of the world.

Quote: "Another brother used his horn too close to a younger person, and she had him cited for assault, even though he also never laid a hand on her. "

A shofar is not an accordion, so I fail to see the offense. Berkeleyites and Palestinians may have different standards.
Not that there's anything right with that.

Quote: "Another brother was assaulted by a rabid-antisemitic goon, twice his size."

Personally, I believe that the San Francisco Police Department only stepped in when they realized that a Jew killed at an anti-Semitic rally would make them look bad. Or maybe they were afraid that he would win the battle....... which would also make them look bad, but only in San Francisco and Berkeley.

What's clear is that the SFPD failed, massively failed, to stop violence being used against pro-Israel activists trying to excercise their constitutionally protected right to free speech. This is, unfortunately, typical - both in Berkeley and in San Francisco.

It's almost as if the pro-Hamas side has important friends, not only in city government, nut also among the law enforcement agencies.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

San Francisco violence against Jews

The following three violent Jew-beating incidents are brought to you by the members of the SF Board of Supervisors who enable or encourage popular anti-Semitism by expressing their hatred of Israel.
It is also brought to you by the numerous opinionated politically correct windbags for whom SF is the centre of the world, and by the letter J.

Incident ONE
Several angry Palestinians and their supporters attack one old Jewish man wearing a kippa and blowing a shofar. This happened on the sidewalk in front of the Israel consulate before an anti-Israel protest on Tuesday July 6, after four o'clock. There were about fifty or sixty people present – thirty Palestinians and their friends (International ANSWER members, Codepink, etc.), twenty police officers (SFPD), and maybe ten Jews. Once violence broke out, the mob rushed the elderly Jewish gentleman with arms flailing, intent on mischief.
For several seconds, no one intervened, not even the SFPD. It is quite likely that the San Francisco officers were unfamiliar with even the very idea of 'violence'.

The pro-Palestinian side notes the accusation that the Jew had committed a shocking and offensive act by blowing a shofar, and shows more of the rally here.
They did not put the actual incident itself on youtube.

Incident TWO
Richard Becker and his posse get rowdy with another Jewish gentleman. Several courageous Palestine supporters, one Jew.
Same place as the above incident, with much the same police response.

Incident THREE
Big Palestinian wrestler tries to strangle a weasely little man holding an Israeli flag directly in front of the Israeli Consulate. After several minutes, the police intervene. For which they are roundly cursed by Forrest Schmidt of International ANSWER (Richard Becker's handyman and household servant).

The three Jews involved were all cited by the police. Jews are supposed to be passive.
Whereas critics of Israel are examples embraced by a large segment of the San Francisco population, and have the moral support of Chris Daly, David Campos, Sophie Maxwell, John Avalos, and other members of the SF Board of Supervisors.
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Shut up and take it, Jews!")

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Wednesday, September 23, 2009
Shocking video: the San Francisco Jewish Film Festival - Exposed
This two-part short film about the 2009 SF Jewish Film Festival speaks more eloquently than a 100 blog posts about what is wrong with the Film Festival and how important it is that organized Jewish community act to ensure that something like this never happens again under Federation auspices.

...perhaps the most obscene is the treatment of the sole pro-Israel questioner, who was jeered, manhandled and bullied as he tried to, as some are fond of saying, speak truth to power.

Friday, September 11, 2009

PIBB - The first month

It has scarce been a month since we started Pro-Israel Bay Bloggers, and already I am receiving hate-mail.
This proves beyond any doubt that we are making a difference.

Yasher koach, guys!

In particular, I wish to mention Snooky B. Wong, author of:

And Steffy 周, who wrote:
As well as:

As well as Grant Patel:

Plus, for their excellent in-depth reportage on the Wallach sisters (Darlene and Donna Wallach, encovened in San Jose), Dusty and News Service.

These posts:

Dusty, you know far too much about Donna and Darlene - are they patients of yours? If not, they should be.

And of course the Snark-o-riffic deliciousness from Friar Yid (not Shlita):
Key quote: "Latest reports indicate that JAA is presently looking for a new frontman, preferably someone who both plays bass and is bulletproof."

How true, how true. ;-D
We are ALL looking for someone who plays bass and is bulletproof.

Sofar everything has been both pointed and informative. Good writing from Gland 'X', Fuzzy Pink Fedora, News Servic, The back of the hill, anarcho~Zionist, Friar Yid (not Shlita), Dusty, ViciousKitty.
Keep up the good work, all of you.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A drink is what I need

This town was once much nicer. Oh, it is still a beautiful place to live, but in the last twenty years it has become a social wasteland. One cannot have a decent conversation with the average Berkeleyite.
Pretentiousness about food and politics has replaced the open-mindedness of the late sixties and early seventies, and a repulsive stodgy "we know everything better than you" quality has infected the discourse. Dare not disagree, lest the burgers of Berkeley gang up on you for not meeting THEIR definition of political or culinary correctness.

The University library remains one of the best in the world. This is due to the worthwhile books in several languages still being in brand-new condition, despite being decades old - neither students nor most of the faculty ever veer far into unknown territory. The ageless literature beckons, and responds with a grateful cracking sound when finally opened. The first visitor in years! Oh happy day!

A majority of the people in this burg quite likely have a copy of Remembrance of Things Past, The Bell Jar, and Israel: Peace not Apartheid. Or treasure on elderly copy of something by Tom Robins or Alice Wlaker.
The air of preciousness and sincerity is stifling.
But the view is splendid.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Say no to Swedish Meatballs!

Coming up this week: a calm and rational protest at the Swedish Consulate.

Where: 120 Montgomery Street (at Sutter), San Francisco
When: Wednesday September 2, 5-6 PM

See this post:

Why: Because the Swedish Government decided to stand behind the mock-journalist Donald Bostrom, who alleged, without even a shred of evidence, that Israeli soldiers were kidnapping and killing Palestinians in order to harvest organs to be used for transplantation.

For a good backgrounder:

"As documented in the Jerusalem Post, Bostrom freely admits that he has no evidence whatsoever to back up this blood libel, but indicted that it is up to Israelis to prove innocence in this matter. When the Swedish Ambassador to Israel rightfully condemned this hate speech hiding behind the curtain of "free speech", she was condemned back home in Sweden where some members of the government urged her recall.The government of Sweden has refused to condemn the blood libel, on grounds of "freedom of the press." Yet Sweden apparently has no problems censoring free speech when it is militant Muslims who are upset—in 2006, the Swedish Foreign Minister shut down a website displaying cartoons depicting the prophet Mohammed."
End quote.

Further background here:

Essential reading here:


The accusation of organ harvesting is of course little more than pro-Palestinian propaganda by a writer who stands infamous for an extremist anti-Jewish and anti-Israel point of view, printed in a feuilleton notorious for pandering to the lowest biases and preconceptions of its readers.

If Donald Bostrom cannot find news on his doorstep, or in his toilet, he will invent it. Reporter is a name for which he can but strive, a title which he scarce deserves.

And Aftonbladet, the gutter rag which printed his opinion piece (they themselves called it such, as if to excuse its dissemination), thrives on scandal, dead babies, raped farm animals, embarrassed celebrities, and other staples of newspapers at the kitty-box liner niveau of news media. It is, which surprises me, one of the most popular papers in Scandinavia. I would have thought that they were better than that over there. But apparently, not.

So, to indicate that civilized people do not consider racialist rumor-mongering, hate speech, and vile bigotry, the normal or natural content of news media, nor matters covered by freedom of the press and justifying the official defense that Donald Bostrom and Aftonbladet received, we will be outside the Swedish Consulate during rush hour Wednesday.

See you there. Please do not bring herring.
If you have a recipe for Swedish Meatballs that contains no Swedes, so much the better.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Formerly enemy territory, San Jose area now boasts a vibrant pro-Israel presence. A group of concerned citizens have organized to counter some of the blatant lies, anti-Semitism, and hatred which are standardly promoted by an organization calling itself the South Bay Mobilization.

From the j:

Pro-Israel group expands to S. Bay

The staunchly pro-Israel local organization S.F. Voice for Israel has started a new chapter, South Bay Voice for Israel, which will operate across the Peninsula and points south. In addition, S.F. Voice for Israel has formally allied itself with StandWithUs, a national organization. According to spokesperson Mike Harris, the organization will now be called StandWithUs/S.F. Voice for Israel, though he says it will retain operational independence continue to work with local Jewish community institutions.

Countering the Wallachites

As is well known, The South Bay Mobilization serves primarily as a mouth-piece for the Wallach sisters, Donna and Darlene Wallach, who have over the years become more and more Jew-hating and Arafat-loving. Donna Wallach, 57 years old, standardly refers to Tel Aviv as "occupied Palestine", kept company with Yasser Arafat, socializes with psychopaths (Ishmael Haniyeh, inter alia), and regularly participates in bizarre activities organized by Paul Larudee, Kate Rafael Bender, and other members of their cult.

She has a cat who is normal.

Both Darlene and Donna Wallach enthusiastically support Hamas and wish that organization every success in their effort to ethnically cleanse the Eastern Mediterranean of any trace of Jews and impose a theocratic dictatorship. Both sisters regularly give breathless speeches to others who more or less support the same goal, irrespective of creed or political affiliation - fascist, communist, wahabi, jihadi, or presbyterian.

They may also be available for children's parties - we haven't asked.

The recent Monday pro-Israel counterprotests in San Jose have particularly ired the Wallach twins, who thought they had that intersection all to themselves. Now that truth finally has a voice in San Jose, the sisters may just melt or spontaneously combust. See you again tomorrow, Donna and Darlene. Please dress more appropriately this time, and brush your teeth - especially if you are going to yell at people.

Also, dump the keffiyehs - those things are SO 2003!
Honest.... can't take you girls anywhere.

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